staff Augmentation & consulting

BMTECH has proven model that is driven by objective to provide best talent to our partners which will nourish a healthy relationship with our consultants and enterprise partners. Our talent search strategies are conducted with due diligence of resource verification, technical and academic skill screening, and in-person skills assessments to make sure our consultants meet the essential technical requirements.


BMTECH leaves no stones unturned by having the belief that in order to become a valuable asset to the organization, the resource should possess indispensible skills such as soft skills- thought leadership, organized, team player etc. This helps them adapt to corporate culture, hence making them strong fir in the organization. 


Enterprise Resource Planning

BMTECH has a driven approach that mitigates the risk of ERP Enterprise resource planning models which are complex, enormous, and costly that can have rigorous effect on different areas of an organization.


With the increasing numbers on return on investments ROI, prolonged and over budget, ERP Programs fail to meet expectations. Therefore, in order to overcome such issues,  it is crucial for enterprises to join hands with partners who can guide them with their knowledge and adroit talent to achieve intended goals. Our ERP Support solutions provide attention to details that are critical for business success.

IT Direct Placement

In today's IT job market, its getting highly competitive to find a right resource for right position. Enterprises strives for adroit talent for their immediate needs. Due to the growing complexities in technologies, there is a dearth of top talent.


Whether enterprise are in need for short term contract, long term contract, contract-to-hire or contingent work force strategy, however due to cost constraints some positions may require direct placement to invest in a candidate that can become a successful asset to an organization. In order to fulfill requirements like cost effectiveness and top notch talent, enterprises must collaborate with expert partners who  can identify resource gaps and can evaluate their business and technical requirements.

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TCoe Quality Model

Make your Application efficient, reliable and scalable with our testing suite.


SMart BI & Analytics

Analyzing data & Business Intelligence provides deep insights and increase in revenue.

App & Mobile eng.

Enhance your application development by decreasing cost, time & effective resource utilization.

Performance Assured

Make your Application scalable, stable, reliable and responsive


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