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Testing Center of excellence


Quality Assurance and testing plays a crucial role in application quality as it is directly related to risks including cost, return on Investment etc

BMTECH provides proven testing solutions with incorporation of latest technologies and testing tools (Licensed & Open source tools) to ensure superior quality, efficiency, maintainability and reliability of an Application.We provide testing  solutions to identify potential risks within QA budgets and resources to provide valuable test driven results. We provide Test Data Management for SAP testing needs We also provide E2E testing solutions prior to go live.


BMTECH provide one stop shop for all testing needs including: Testing Center of Excellence, SAP Testing, Test Automation, Testing as a Service,

Test Data Management Services, Functional  & Automation Testing, Performance Testing, Mobile App Testing, Web Application Testing, User Acceptance Testing, DevOps, Test Consulting Services and so on. 


Business intelligence & analytics 

BMTECH BI & Analytics solutions provide insights for better decision making and business performance. We provide solutions to bring out information out of valuable data and manage that information with our operational strategies & tactics, since organizations are totally dependent on information for their business growth. Well managed information helps in agility, efficiency, better performance, enhanced ROI, better decision making, decrease in revenue cost and resources.


We understand that due to growing volumes of data, it becomes more difficult to make the  best out of it in less time and to manage the master data effectively with certainty needs intelligent solutions. Our holistic approach helps you leverage the BI Solutions to make your process effective, adaptable, and manageable with optimization in resource utilization. This in turn will yield high performance and better quality.




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