engineer the product it is supposed to be.

Create benchmarks for future growth by making your Application Stable, Robust, Scalable and Responsive with our Performance Engineering techniques.

engineering the application

With the increasing demands in technologies, designs, quality, enhanced user interaction, better infrastructure, companies are adapting re-engineering techniques, innovative solutions and cost cutting technologies in order to meet such expectations. BMTECH's Engineering solutions are specifically designed to make intelligent products by adopting industry best practices. This helps in decreasing the cost, time and ensure quality for re-engineered product. We believe in achieving operational excellence by aligning product Life Cycle management, product manufacturing & engineering with intelligent solutions which helps organizations to gain success in market. Our Approach to Engineering services include reduced cost & Total cost of Ownership, High Return on Investment ROI, Accelerated time due to alignment of PLM (Product Life Cycle Management), Increase in Productivity with development processes and models, Advanced & Intelligent technologies brings enormous opportunities, help in design, development and maintenance of processes in PLM, Product Engineering & Manufacturing. 

Performance Engineering

With the increasing bottlenecks, applications fails to respond the they need to and users are having bad interaction due to high response times. The heavy user load on Application makes it to break, non-responsive and non-stable. 


BMTECH's Performance Engineering strategy believes in engineering performance into the application by ensuring performance into the UI layer, Processor, Memory, Disk I/O, Database, Network, Web Server, App Server, Database Server. Our approach includes addressing high risks related to several components to evaluate the capacity & degradation of current application and to create benchmark for future application. We ensure Application release readiness prior production by identifying production risks and providing innovative solutions to optimize the capacity, efficiency, infrastructure adequacy and performance of application.

Cloud Enablement

Going digital with Cloud is a new trend as it offers Agility, scalability, Security, Manageability, rsponsiveness and Optimization. Cloud is like an Umbrella which covers  every aspect of enterprise resources. In order to meet key business goals and targets, Enterprises are moving their infrastructure & Applications to cloud for gaining competetitive advantage.


BMTECH's digital innovative Cloud Solutions help enterprises to transform their businesses to Cloud to make better business decisions and dynamic growth. We provide solutions to create new business opportunities by helping in cutting cost and time,  upgrades to Agile platforms, legacy upgrades, upgrades to SAP HANA Cloud efficient resource utilization, speed, accessibility, flexibility and scalability at low costs. Our solutions will optimize businesses and enhance user satisfaction.

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